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Swane ’ZERO Phyto Thai Tea Thai Swanse Tea Weight Loss Formula Help burn fat Reduced cholesterol, containing 10 envelopes (1 box)

390 Baht

Swane ’ZERO Phyto Thai Tea, Thai tea that can help with weight loss Tighten There are ingredients that contain a variety of effective extracts. Which contributes to weight loss Burn excess fat Helps increase metabolism


- Assam Thai tea helps the digestive system better
- Premium flavor, concentrated formula, fragrant, it is delicious, not fat. The more you eat the more fat.
- Helps to lose weight, reduce bad cholesterol, LDL burns, excess fat
- Reduce cellulite, stimulate muscle mass, reduce cholesterol
- Nourish the brain and vascular system with ginkgo
- Long lasting with cactus fiber that is good for the intestines.
- nourish the skin with rosemary Nourish the eyes with goji berry
- No ingredients for slimming pills Sibutramine (Cybetramine)