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Swane ’XERO Premium Matcha Green Tea, Swonee, lose weight 100% imported from Japan, containing 10 envelopes (1 box)

390 Baht

New look, Sweene, 100% matcha green tea Authentic Matcha imported from Japan. The aroma is mellow. Burns 4 times more with the extract.


- 0% trans fat
- 0% sugar
- 0% Cross Strawberry
- Reducing sugar and fat in the blood vessels for a long time, delicious taste, sweet, should choose to eat.
- Use avocado and skim milk instead of creamer
- Helps the digestive system
- Reduce the risk of constricted blood vessels Reduce cancer risk
- Reduce cellulite, accumulate under the skin layer
- Anti-oxidants, reduce wrinkles, maintain youthfulness
- Reduce bad cholesterol, LDL
- With special extracts from America, safe, no side effects