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Product Information

Swanne (Hot Phyto) is a hot adrink. And cold, low calorie, only 60 kcal per pack And also has the following assistive features

  • - is a healthy drink that reduces fat in both the blood system and fat proportionally.
  • - Against Alzheimer's disease Vascular and brain systems
  • - Increased proportion of fat burning
  • - Helps to reduce appetite, making it less appetizing.
  • - Helps to make you full faster with natural fibers
  • - Helps to make you full longer
  • - Give energy to the cells to revitalize.
  • - Slimming Add fit and firmware
  • - Helps break down fat Cellulite group Keep the skin firm and tight.
  • - Eat for a long time. No trans fat And non-creamer
  • - Phytoestrogens help to block cholesterol up to 30-40% in the body.

There are 4 flavors to choose from.

Swanne Coffee Selected from genuine Arabica coffee beans, roasted to a reasonable temperature, giving a premium aroma to meet the true coffee-loving health.

Swanne genuine cocoa Imported from the Netherlands, fragrant aroma, delicate flavor, Cocoa and Cacao help to fight free radicals.

Swanne Green Tea Matcha Authentic Imported from Japan Helps to reduce weight, break down fat The results showed that caffeine and catechin in authentic Japanese green tea helped increase the body's metabolism, which increased the rate of carbohydrate metabolism. And oxidation of fat Authentic green tea also has many other benefits such as

  • - Increased metabolism system
  • - Lower cholesterol levels
  • - Slow down
  • - Relax the brain

Swan tea, Thai tea, traditional Thai tea Gives a feeling of authentic Thai flavor The tea neck that is frantic in its rich flavor and unique aroma. Swanone Thai tea, quality, without sugar, but still grandchildren, like the original, the flavor and smell are still preserved. Assam tea from Swanne will change the dimension of the word 'Drink Thai tea and fat' to be 'How much Thai tea drink is not fat'